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Owner/Operator FAQ

What is Glyde?

Glyde is an innovative use of IoT to improve your guest’s experience in your accommodation environment. Glyde will ensure that your guest’s rooms are at a comfortable temperature when they return, whilst reducing:

  • Energy consumption (hence greenhouse emissions),
  • The risk of mould,
  • Guest queuing time at reception

This also increases the life of the in-room A/C by managing its run-time.

Glyde offers a “Straight-To-Room” experience for your guests. If Glyde is provided with the room number and digital contact details for a guest, we can send an email, SMS or both to the guest so they can bypass reception. This alleviates the queuing time for your guests and the workload on your reception staff

How does the allocation of access work? Does Glyde have its own management system?

Access to the Glyde administration interface is configurable. It can be governed by workstation access, or we can configure it to require individual logins that are managed by you.

Glyde can be configured to have its own access management system.

The Glyde API allows for the import of guest and reservation data from a Reservation Management System (RMS), which it then analyses and propagates to the guests and locks. Glyde is not an RMS in it’s own right. We endeavour to make corrections when we receive conflicting data, but great data is always better.

Do you provide the hardware or just the software?

Glyde is an IoT system – this means that it is not just hardware or software – it is a combination of the two, so we supply both.

What is the cost of Glyde?

As Glyde is not just a piece of software it’s a completely bottom up designed solution, the cost will depend on your site's requirements. Contact us today for a quote.

How are the servers maintained?

Your on-site server(s) can be self-maintained or maintained by Glyde (for a fee). Either way, your ICT department may need to be involved – the Glyde servers need access to the Internet and to the local network on-site. If Glyde technicians are to manage the servers, then they will need access to the servers over the internet. This access requirement will be a negotiation of security and cost between you, your ICT and Glyde.

What happens if the power goes out?

The accommodation locks are full autonomous once the reservations have been propagated to them. The locks run with a battery backup, allowing guests to access the rooms whilst the 240V power to the room is down. Typically, the lack of 240V will mean that there is no network available, so there is no need to maintain the server during a power outage, so a UPS suitably sized to facilitate the controlled shutdown of the server(s) is advised.

How do the analytics work?

The data that Glyde captures is logged in a database – from here a Data Analyst can analyse all of the captured data.

Can Glyde build custom analytics reports?

Glyde can build custom reports, based on Glyde data, however we envisage that more meaningful reports will be able to be generated by combining Glyde data with other data from within your organisation. We can develop these analytics for you, but we expect that you would have your own analysts already, so we see ourselves more as a technical resource to educate and assist

Can you connect Glyde to our current reservation system?

Yes, most likely. Our technician will need to review your RMS to give a concise answer.