Glyde is the story of how one man with a passion
to do better instigated a paradigm shift
in accommodation services.

We are Glyde

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we will make sure you’re getting the best results.

The Glyde Team has a wealth of experience that leads to successful outcomes for Owners, Operators and Guests using Glyde.

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Meet Chief Technical Officer

Steve Wallis

Steve Wallis lives to solve problems.

He’s built his own house, his own car, his own boat and continuously builds his own computers and technology.

He joined Fleetwood in 1996 after one of the Directors asked him to help him out with a computer problem after a game of Rugby. Soon Steve led Fleetwood’s IT department and then was given a roving commission as Chief Technology Officer.

Fleetwood owns and operates Searipple Village, a 1,500 room mining
accommodation facility in the Pilbara. Steve saw a problem to be solved with technology and convinced Dominic to allow him to conduct research and development.

Seven years later Glyde was born.

Meet Executive General Manager

Dominic Letts

Dominic joined Fleetwood in 2008. He is responsible for Fleetwood’s accommodation facilities. Steve convinced him to fund an R&D project into how to solve problems with technology at Searipple.
He kept funding him but Steve continually asked for more. In 2016 he convinced himself that Steve have produced something that could be a paradigm shift in accommodation services. In 2017 Glyde was applied to Searipple and in 2018 Glyde was established as a stand-alone business.

Meet Senior Developer

Colin Manning

Steve needed help so he asked Colin to join us. Colin’s technical skills compliment Steve’s. His key asset is his focus on ensuring the simplicity and quality of the user experience.

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