Glyde, an award winning IoT smart lock
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Glyde is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that supports the creation of a Smart Ecosystem for accommodation facilities.
Glyde means that you know your guest and your asset better than you ever have before!
Glyde delivers you an unparalleled capability to IMPROVE the guest experience and enable a more efficient use of resources.

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Improve the guest experience and create efficiencies with Glyde

Glyde consists of a full suite of proprietary hardware and software inclusive of Smartnodes, back end applications and the customer facing Glyde Mobile App. Glyde captures data to learn about the guest, the environment and their interaction with accommodation.

What can the data can do

Glyde learns how the guest uses the accommodation. This allows the tailoring of guest specific solutions that meet their precise needs and wants. Glyde can engage with guests through the App creating a deeper resonance with the accommodation experience.

Our Adaptable Energy Management Protocols can provide a dynamic approach to a facilities particular requirements with relation to in room energy usage. Savings can be over 6KwH in certain conditions.

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